EXOGROUP launches as an umbrella brand for an established set of companies monetising the digital ecosystem.

Barcelona, 16 January 2018. Digital media tech entrepreneur Benjamin Fonzé has consolidated his business empire by creating an umbrella brand for his successful set of companies called EXOGROUP. Fonzé is also looking to expand his business portfolio by actively seeking investment opportunities and M&A transactions with small to medium size companies with high expertise in web technology.

EXOGROUP builds and invests in innovative tech projects, maximizing the synergies between each business enterprise. Currently, there are four companies inside EXOGROUP monetising the digital media space:

  • ExoClick (launched 2006) is the innovative ad company, a programmatic ad exchange and the world's 4th largest ad network which serves +6 billion daily ad impressions globally.
  • EXADS (launched 2013) is a licensed SaaS solution which powers large ad networks, affiliate programs and high traffic websites. EXADS provides the technology for ExoClick's leading ad network platform.
  • AdSecure (launched 2017) is an ad verification technology used by ad networks, ad operations teams and publishers to ensure safe, compliant and malware-free ad delivery.
  • MobileCashout (launched 2012) monetises mobile content to consumers by developing in-house engineered mobile sites and licensed apps with integrated localized carrier billing. MobileCashout merged with Spanish mobile tech company Espabit in 2014.

CEO and founder Benjamin Fonzé commented, “The creation of EXOGROUP consolidates our businesses. We have reached a certain critical size which means we are a serious force in the digital media space. We are looking to expand our group, so we are interested in investing or acquiring more small to medium companies related to the online advertising world. Having said that, we are also open to entering new markets, so innovative tech projects that can help EXOGROUP’s diversification are also of interest to us.”

Fonzé continued, “The resources behind EXOGROUP give us a lot of leverage with our market strength, tech know how and implementation. We have the infrastructure to be able to provide startup support including business expertise, technology, sales, marketing, HR and finance. We invest in innovation and people. Employing 134 talented people made up of 32 different nationalities. EXOGROUP has offices in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia (Spain), Dublin (Ireland) and Porto (Portugal).”

If you have a company or project that would be interesting for EXOGROUP, please contact info@exogroup.com

Notes to editors:
EXOGROUP is a privately owned family business founded by Belgian national Benjamin Fonzé who is CEO, he runs the group of companies with his brother Adrien who is COO.

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